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          LYE pays attention to the common progress of enterprises and society and is a good global corporate citizen

          environmental protection
          • Actions on environmental protection

            LYE attaches great importance to climate change, carbon neutrality and other issues, and pays attention to environmental protection and sustainable development of the environment and the company in the whole process of production, shipment and office.

            LYE has invested heavily in environmental protection and maintenance. Longyang has a complete environmental protection laboratory, with ICP, IC, and EDX spectrometer and other machines to carry out incoming and outgoing inspection. Longyang's products are guaranteed to comply with RoHS specifications and do not contain harmful heavy metals. We are responsible to our customers and to our planet.

            LYE continues to develop environmentally friendly products, including recyclable, degradable and bio-based products to meet the trend of market and social development. At the same time, the company also assists customers to increase carbon credits, and cooperate with customers to progress and develop.

          • LYE achieves environmental protection from upstream and downstream and production process

            LYE has a complete supplier evaluation and management process, so that from the raw materials used, the social responsibility of suppliers and environmental energy conservation and carbon reduction facilities are also regarded as our responsibility, we pursue common sustainable operation and common growth.

            LYE controls the use of resources in the production process, minimizes the consumption of materials generated in the production process, and installs efficient production equipment to reduce the consumption of production electricity. In the raw material factories of Huai'an Fuyang and Juhe New Materials, LYE has installed water recycling equipment to recycle water resources to 98%, and wastewater and waste gas will be filtered before discharge.

            LYE also protects the environment in many ways at the shipping site. LYE chooses to serve customers nearby to minimize carbon emissions during transportation. Therefore, LYE not only does not over-pack, but also set up Chuanyang Electronics in Chongqing to serve customers nearby when the laptop industry moved west; And this year, it plans to set up a factory in Vietnam to serve customers in North Vietnam and nearby Southeast Asia.